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What's Sexy in Video Cards Today?
Previous | Next by elfie 20 April, 2006 - 12:36 AM

So after a couple of nights (and mornings) of Guild Wars, we have concluded that Pie is in the market for a new video card, because the game looks way prettier on my machine than on hers. She only has AGP available and doesn't currently use multiple monitors, but we'd like to keep that option open. Any suggestions?

I'm thinking a RAM upgrade might be needed too, as she's currently only got 768MB.

4/20/2006 >> muhgcee

I have a thing against ATI right now...

If you can find an NVidia in the 7x00 series for AGP, I'd say go for it.

4/20/2006 >> elfie

Looks like the 7800 GS is AGP. I'm not sure she needs something that pricey though. Maybe.

What's your "thing" against ATI?

4/20/2006 >> muhgcee

I've never had an AIW card that didn't come with buggy software and/or drivers.

Their non-AIW cards might be just fine.

4/20/2006 >> elfie

I've never had probems with ATI and that's what I'm running in my work and home PCs and my laptop right now. At the moment, I'm leaning toward the Sapphire Radeon X1600 PRO 512 MB from newegg, but I've never used any of the Sapphire-branded ATI cards. The fact that they're always the cheapest of the ATI cards has always worried me. Anyone had any experience with these?

Stu, the nVidia 7800 GS does look awesome, but I just think it's overkill right now. I think next time I spend over $200 on a video card, it'll be because I'm upgrading my whole system and switching over to PCIe.

4/20/2006 >> muhgcee

Yo tengo un 7800GT en mi computadora. Me gusta.

En mi computadora, es posible tener un otro 7800GT

4/20/2006 >> Dan

I have a Nvidia 6800 AGP that is just collecting dust.

4x/8x AGP
256 MB RAM

It ran BF2 nicely so I'm sure it will handle Guild Wars.

I'm sure we can work out a barter of some sort. I just picked up a PS2 (thanks Ben) and I do not have many games for it....

4/20/2006 >> Dan

Sorry I lied its 128 MB.

4/20/2006 >> muhgcee

I am guessing that should work out pretty well...

What does Pie have installed now?

4/20/2006 >> elfie

She's currently got some very basic POS ATI... MX400 sounds familiar from looking at her device manager, but I'm not AT the computer at the moment.

I was going to pick up an ATI RADEON 9200 128MB from Office Depot today for $10 after gift card and MIR.

I'm not opposed to bartering for your Nvidia, but I'd want to work something out fairly immediately and I tend to keep all my games even if I've finished them, so I'd only be able to offer you games that I personally thought sucked. Give me a call on my cell if you have the number though. If I don't hear from you, I'll call yours in like 20 minutes.

4/20/2006 >> elfie

Correction. Her present card is a GeForce 2 MX400. Going to pick up Dan's GeForce 6 6800 tonight. That should offer some slight improvement, I think.

4/20/2006 >> elfie

so... not so much with the working... Dan, have you tested this since you took it apart and re-gooped the heatsinks? Because it seems like something is loose. I get all kinds of video noise and artifacts. If I shut down, wiggle the card in the slot a tad, and start up again, it works great for like 5 minutes then goes to crap again. It actually kind of reminds me of an NES cartridge. I haven't tried blowing on it though.........

Tomorrow when it's less bed-timey, I'm going to try it in my PC just in case there's some where motherboard issue, but... so far not looking hot. :-/

4/21/2006 >> elfie

Just wanted to send a thanks out to Dan. That first video card wouldn't work in my computer either, but he and I swapped for a lesser model that still is WAY better than what Pie had previously and all is working nice and prettily now. w00t

4/21/2006 >> ben

apparently physX is what's hot... that's pretty hot. i got the link from CAD

4/23/2006 >> muhgcee

Hey so if you could post, say, a 1-paragraph review of what you think of Guild Wars...that'd be nice. I may play it afterall.

4/24/2006 >> elfie

Okay, quickie review posted. Though I don't know how I feel about talking you into playing, because that means I can't buy your copy for our friend Lilou :) hehehe

4/24/2006 >> muhgcee

Meh, if you want to buy it, go ahead. The girlfriend comes back on Sunday, so realistically, there goes my free time :-)

4/24/2006 >> elfie

hahah okay. well she did like the game, but we still have to figure out if her computer likes the game. going to give that a try on wednesday and we'll let you know :)

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