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Previous | Next by neil 27 April, 2006 - 3:03 PM

Anyone looking? My company is hiring...

.NET developer mostly telecomute, some travel to DC/Nova.

Jr. Engineer to work under me

Engineer to work out of VA some travel around the country

I work for a division of General Dynamics Network Systems, my previous two companies got bought out by them now. They are ranked top 5 in benefits in the country yada yada yada.

Come work now, i need lots of help!


4/28/2006 >> muhgcee

General Dynamics is one of our customers. Ever see EP Hard Disk?

4/28/2006 >> neil

Oh yeah...i have to run that by today i forget, thx for the reminder lol.

4/28/2006 >> muhgcee

Well I can't post our main support number online, so shoot me an email if you have any questions -

4/28/2006 >> neil

Yeah so far its smooth 80% through ~60 gigs -- seems pretty straightforward. I'm also surprised at how quick it actually is, I figured it would take some crazy amout of time with that much data but its like 3 or 4 hours it seems.

4/28/2006 >> muhgcee

Actually a lot faster than that if you are on a high-speed desktop.

And our older versions were a lot slower (7.0.23 and before).

Also, there are several options that were set by whomever sent you the install files such as "recover after power loss" and "encrypt unused disk space". That adds a lot of variability to the process.

Just make sure that if you are in charge of deploying this to a certain number of users (as opposed to just being a user of it yourself), then you should be aware of recovery options before your hard drive fails. I can send you a word doc that outlines that, if you want.

4/28/2006 >> neil

If my hdd ever fails I'll bug you for it. Outside of that I just gotta follow policy and be a user heh.

4/28/2006 >> muhgcee

Hah ok...just a word of quick advice though...

Don't run "recover /d" before calling tech support :-)

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