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Previous | Next by mike 06 June, 2007 - 8:28 AM

So, what's the deal with Do any of you use the service? Are the recommendations any good? Is it worth the trouble?

6/6/2007 >> ben

i wrote about my experience over here

6/6/2007 >> C Mo

I use it and I've found some interesting bands through it, plus the streaming neighbor radio usually has some good stuff if you're just looking for some distracting background music.

I don't know, I never really found it to be much trouble to use and I use it fairly often. Give it a shot.

6/7/2007 >> elfie

I like that it gives me this cool little thingie:

6/7/2007 >> mike

I'm going to sound neurotic here: it bothers me that doesn't take songs that predate songs already submitted. So if I'm listening to my computer at work, then come home and sync my iPod that I also listened to while at work, the iPod songs would be ignored.

Or am I understanding the service wrong?

6/7/2007 >> ben

yeah, i don't think it pulls songs that you listened to while not directly connected TO it... there may be a hack for that, but i haven't seen it. I listen to my iPod through winamp (and use floola to put music on/take it off), and windows treats it as another local drive, so the scrobbler will actually scrobble tracks i play from my ipod through my computer...

6/7/2007 >> ben

currently, btw, I'm going through my ipod in order by artists - i've been doing this on and off for 3 days and i'm halfway through A right now (Ambulance, specifically)... i want to see what happens when i've gone through all 387 hours of music i have on here, heheh

6/7/2007 >> C Mo

I am not sure about the iPod issue as I am one of the few people left who doesn't have one. I did notice before that when I would listen to music on my laptop at work(not connected to the internet) and then go home and get online it would have a record of what I had listened to earlier and still push it to the site once I connected.

6/7/2007 >> mike

There's an ap called iScobble that will take the information off your recently played playlist and send it to This work around allows songs played on your iPod to be included in your history--but only if they're tagged as being played more recently than anything else.

6/7/2007 >> jmcd303

@ ben

Steve Jobs personally gives you an itunes gift certificate, a free pizza, and a slightly creepy back rub.

6/7/2007 >> ben

that's the only way anyone ever gives me back rubs... hehehe

Mike - so, you just have to listen to your iPod AFTER you listen to your computer, hehe.

C Mo - that's a pretty cool feature, I haven't tried that out... thanks!

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